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(commonly known as caps)

Crowns restore the normal shape, size and more importantly the integrity of a tooth once it has suffered wear, decay or trauma. Crowns increase the integrity and lifespan of a tooth by covering and protecting it with a strong and very esthetic porcelain cover.

We take pride in the esthetic and structural integrity of the crowns we deliver with proper dental hygiene maintenance; our crowns may remain in service in excess of fifteen to twenty years.

Today crowns do not have the metal support they once had resulting in a black border after years of use. They are significantly esthetic.



Veneers are ultra-thin and very esthetic shells  of porcelain which are bonded to the front of teeth. They can mask discolorations, brighten teeth and improve a smile.

When a complete coverage of the specific tooth is not necessary, veneers are an excellent alternative to crowns. Gaps between teeth, chipped teeth and discolored teeth can benefit from this comfortable solution.

Veneers can last for decades if properly done by the dentist and carefully maintained by the owner. You will love our smile makeover with veneers.


(A non removable esthetic solution)

When one or more teeth are missing, with teeth on both sides of the void present. A fixed bridge can be a good option to replace the missing teeth. The neighboring teeth are used to anchor the missing teeth in place.

If the neighboring teeth are themselves heavily filled and are at jeopardy of damage, a bridge can safely secure the whole area, the missing tooth and its neighbors.

​Bridge are custom made of zirconia, a very durable and strong material which at the same time is highly esthetic. This is a long-term solution to maintain the teeth in proper harmony and comfort.


​Advantages of bridges: 

·     Esthetic solution for missing teeth

·     Replace teeth for eating and function

·     Restore broken teeth

·     Keep teeth in their position preventing them from shifting

or tilting.

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