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Dental Hygiene

Regular care by a registered dental hygienist, supervised by a dentist is recommended because of the small amount of time it takes for bacteria to invade the mouth, even if it’s clean. Studies have shown that plaque will regrow on teeth that are completely clean within three to four hours of brushing. If left uncleaned, this plaque continues to be detrimental to the teeth, gums and bone. We at Les Dentistes de la Place Vertu are proud to have a dedicated group of Dental Hygienists who diligently maintain and improve the health of our loyal patients using the most up to date and modern techniques, all in a carefully orchestrated and relaxed atmosphere. The first toothbrushes used were small twigs mashed at one end to create a broader cleaning surface. Today, we offer our patients significantly more efficient ways to help preserve both their health and their smile. Hygiene tips for a stellar smile:

  • Brush with music on- dentists recommend brushing for the entire length of a song.

  • Use fluoridated, antimicrobial toothpastes and mouth rinses. They help make the tooth structure resistant to decay.

  • Keep oral hygiene products at work. Studies show that the chance of a person using them during the day will increase 65 percent.

  • Maintain a regimented schedule of oral health at home, at work and in our clinic.

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