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Dental decay is not life threatening but can be painful and debilitating with functional esthetic and psychological consequences. It is commonly referred to as cavities. Basically holes in teeth.
As we all know the combination of the naturally occurring bacteria in our mouths and sugary or starchy foods produces acids. These acids damage teeth over time unless removed by proper hygiene techniques. Cavities may take up to eighteen months to create sensitivities to sweet, cold or warm food. Some of us are lucky by having these common and acid forming bacteria in our mouths and never get cavities. Thank your parents for that sort of DNA.
A cavity can be repaired by a white (composite) or metallic (amalgam) filling : 
White: Either a plastic or porcelain esthetic solution.
Metallic: The famous silver fillings, yes it is proven to be safe and long lasting but not as esthetically pleasing.  

We'll be happy to answer your questions regarding proper options of treatments  for you.


Tooth removal

Sometimes the significant amounts of bone around teeth may dissolves making the teeth mobile. This can be attributed to bacteria and toxins. Sometimes teeth can be damaged by trauma and are not restorable. At times, teeth such as wisdom teeth grow out of place.
For the above and other reasons, tooth removal will be necessary. We are proud in the care we afford our patients. Once numb, our patients don't realize when tooth removal is performed and are surprised once the procedure is completed without feeling any discomfort. Most doze off through the procedure. 

Root Canal

Inside and deep within our teeth is a secret chamber. These chambers hold the blood and nerve supply coming in from the bottom of the teeth. They remain a secret continuing their important function while the cavities which are on the surface grow into the depth of the tooth.
Once perforated our teeth become extremely sensitive to any stimulation: Biting forces, cold, hot, sweet, and at times they just HURT. What can relieve this pain? Root canal treatment or ultimately the removal of the tooth. If the tooth is determined to have sufficient bone supply for stability, root canal treatment is the treatment of choice. The secret chamber is filled with a biocompatible material that restores you to your former painless state. 

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