- Platelet rich plasma and fibrin 

-Made from a sample of your own blood gently  drawn in our clinic at the time of surgery, enhances the bone growth and speeds the healing.

Dr Haimovici has spend many hours traveling with world innovators of these procedures bringing their advancement to our clinic .

  • Dr Anitua, Spain, with PRGF

  • Dr. Choucroun, France

  • Dr. Carl Mesch - Implant+Sinus procedure 

Bone augmentation benefits:

  1. Recreate a healthy jaw bone

  2. Provide  a 

  3. Form and ..

  4. Helps pressure


is considered a breakthrough in bone and soft tissue regeneration because it permits the body to take advantage of the normal healing pathways at a greatly accelerated rate. When the body is wounded and needs to heal, many different cells and cell-types are rushed to the site of the injury. These cells initiate the healing process by forming blood clots and releasing growth factors into the wound. The more growth factors that are introduced to the wound, the quicker and more efficiently the body can heal.

By introducing PRGF to the surgical area, the body can take advantage of a large amount of growth factors without the blood cells. This allows for accelerated healing but without the immune system response of swelling and inflammation. PRGF also has been shown to increase the formation of new bone. By adding PRGF to the surgical site, the doctor can now grow bone more predictably and faster than ever before. This is of great significance when placing dental implants.